Scolymia lacera

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(Scolymia lacera) is a coral with a single, solitary polyp and does not increase in size by budding as do colonial species of coral.
It is a small species with a diameter of up to 6 centimetres (2.4 in).
The radially-running ridges in the stony cup which it secretes can be seen through the fleshy body of the polyp.
Its colour is variable and is usually some shade of greenish-brown.
Scolymia lacera is very similar in appearance to Scolimia cubensis which occupies much the same range.
The differences are mostly in the layout of the septa, the miniature ridges in the calcareous calyces in which the polyps sit. S. lacera tends to occupy better lit positions while S. cubensis is in less well lit locations.
Where the two come in contact, S. lacera is more aggressive.
Scolymia lacera
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